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Welcome to MyBurrow®

Having seen the impact of occupational therapy tools on learning in a clinical environment, it became clear to Special Education teacher Dimitra Baveas that there needed to be a way to incorporate clinical therapy into all learning environments. “I realised that there was a gap in the ability to transfer the teaching and learning from a clinical situation into a classroom situation,” Ms Baveas says. MyBurrow® was developed to aid children and adults struggling because of issues with self-regulation, anxiety and sensory stimulation and is particularly useful for people with social or communication issues, delayed motor skills or trouble with concentration and attention.

MyBurrow® has the potential to help individuals in a wide variety of special and mainstream environments and is particularly useful to promote inclusion. Teaming up with Helena Smith (Education Consultant), MyBurrow® has created a variety of freely accessible resources including behaviour guides, lesson plans, sample support plans and more! 

Today MyBurrow® is used and recommended by: 

A calm child is a Happy Child
is a Learning Child

Research indicates that best practice includes a multi-disciplinary team of family, school and health care professionals.

Calming sensory feedback enhances learning.

  • Calming sensory feedback enhances learning.
  • Allows for self or teacher directed brain breaks
  • Provides distraction free calming ‘safe haven’ for learning.

Multi-disciplinary approach (Best practice)

  • Recommended by therapists and clinicians.
  • Ideal for targeting motor skills, language, social and play skills.
  • Lessons may be adapted to address therapy goals.

Multi-age & Multi-ability Groups!

  • Ideal for targeted teaching of specific concepts to small groups/individuals.
  • Easily relocated to within class learning stations.

Structural supports not necessary

  • Attaches to any compatible floor surface.
  • Easily relocatable within room and around the school.

Non-restrictive & inclusive practice

  • Individual or group use.
  • Multi-age & multi-ability.
  • Child-initiates interaction & controls the degree of pressure feedback.

Certified Safe

  • Meets Australian Standards for safety, toxicity & flammability
  • Quick release safety feature
  • Customised wash bag for hygiene.
Touch Kid Proof Durability
Group Stretch Capacity