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How to Access MyBurrow®
through the NDIS

The types of NDIS Goals that may be targetted with MyBurrow® include:

  • Regulate sensory input.
  • Manage my anxiety.
  • Feel safer within my environment.
  • Strategies/equipment to assist me to cope with stress.
  • Manage my behaviour.
  • Develop my ability to self-regulate.
  • Opportunities to play with others.
  • Develop play skills.
  • Increase my ability to concentrate.
  • Engage in activities that I enjoy.
  • To create a sensory/calming space.
  • For my home to be a calm & settled environment.
  • Build my fine and gross motor skills.
  • Improve my physical and emotional well-being.
  • Make and maintain friendships.
  • Improve my ability to communicate with others.

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